Types of Therapy

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)

Trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy addresses the emotional needs of individuals struggling to overcome the destruction of early trauma. The treatment involves cognitive-behavioral techniques to modify distorted or unhelpful thinking and adverse reactions to behaviors. TF-CBT may require additional family therapy to teach new parenting, stress management, and communication skills to help the client move past their emotional trauma. The treatment works in person with individuals or group therapy. People who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder or mood disorders from abuse, violence, or grief can benefit from trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy. Therapists mainly use TF-CBT for children, but it’s a valid treatment option for people of all ages. Those with serious behavioral problems, substance abuse, or suicidal ideation should resort to other treatment options, like dialectical behavior therapy, for initial intervention before following up with a trauma-sensitive approach. The whole process can take anywhere from eight to twenty-five sessions.