How to Meet

In-Person Therapy

How do in-person sessions work?

Once on-boarded, you can schedule in-person sessions online through the client portal.

Apple Counseling offers seven locations in Texas for in-person sessions including Austin, Carrollton, Dallas/Park Cities, Frisco, North Dallas, Oak Cliff, Plano, and Prosper. Details on our ninth location in Bartonville coming soon.

If you prefer to meet in-person, choose a therapist located in the office which you desire. We have implemented safety protocols to ensure your safety.

In-person therapy is the classic option when it comes to mental wellness. You travel to the office of the doctor or therapist. Then, you have a session with the doctor face-to-face. There are several advantages to this treatment method.

  • The visits feel much more personal, as the therapist is right there.
  • This could lead to a greater patient-therapist bond, and improved comfort level.
  • Everyone is more likely to be more open during the treatment sessions.
  • If there is paperwork that has to be filled out, it is easier to do this at the office.
  • Insurance providers are more likely to cover the cost of an in-person mental health visit.