How to Meet

Therapy the way you want it.

Offering three easy ways to connect with your therapist.

In-Person Therapy

Meeting in person gives you a chance to talk with a counselor face-to-face. Additionally, a change of scene can be good for your well-being.

Face-to-face treatment and talk therapy have been proven to be effective for helping people.

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Teletherapy is any remote therapy that uses technology to help the therapist and client communicate. Some examples of teletherapy include doing therapy sessions over the phone, using videoconferencing for individual, couples, or group therapy, and receiving therapy via email or instant messenger.

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We believe that therapy is the first step toward wellness. And that therapy, no matter a person’s background, or income, should be accessible to everyone. We provide a comfortable place to talk about uncomfortable things, and welcome anyone who is willing to take a first step towards growth.