Counseling Services

Toddlers (4-5)

Do the tantrums and power struggles stress you out? Is this a stage or is there something wrong? Do you run out of ideas about what to do to manages your young child’s issues? Toddlers can receive help from play therapy and parents can from coaching. Our counselors can help you sort out what is going on and the best strategies to address.

Play Therapy

Why play therapy?  Children, no matter how smart they are, cannot express their feelings verbally like adults. They express their feelings, needs, and frustrations through play. They get tired of questions quickly; therefore, when play is allowed, they can be expressive.

A trained play therapist knows how to be part of a child’s world and allows the child to teach him/her how to be a child. Through the relationship that builds, the child will learn what is the best in him/her and develop those traits. The child is empowered to make changes they need in his or her life. Play therapy takes place in a non-judgmental environment that allows the child to express his anxieties, fears, thoughts, needs, and feelings.


Play therapy can build self-esteem, self-awareness, insight into dealing with stress and anxiety, and a place to practice coping skills to work out his/her anxieties. Your child may tell you about some of the games they played or fun activities, but there is much more going on at a deeper level. Play therapy is most effective once a week for a 45-minute session.


As your child progresses, we can space sessions farther apart. Your counselor will keep you updated on the therapy’s progress, whether it is in email or by phone from time to time. We want to use the session, so the child feels his time is special with the counselor. You, as the parent, can always set up an appointment alone to come in and visit.