Counseling Services

Teens (13-19)

Today many variables make raising an adolescent very different than a few decades ago. This developmental period is one where the teen is trying to fit in yet be different, trying to be independent but still wanting to be cared for and supported. It is a long transitional period to adulthood in which bodies are growing and changing in addition to the cerebral cortex.

The teenage brain is immature in its circuitry, making logical reasoning difficult, thus FAMILY CONFLICT. We at Apple Counseling know how stressful this time is, and we are here to support you in setting up some family ground rules and keeping you connected to your teenager.\

We also provide a safe environment for your teen to talk to us about the tough issues they might be encountering like peer pressure, academic stress, family pressure to be successful, friendship conflicts, drug/alcohol issues, sexuality questions, and of course, low self-esteem during this very insecure time of development.

We are here for you as many of us in our practice have been teens not so long ago or have some teens in our homes currently. So, we get it!