Mental Health & College Students


The Rise in Mental Health Struggles in Students

A lot of colleges and universities around the country are seeing a rise in mental health-related issues among their students. These struggles are often isolating and can give students a sense of inadequacy. It’s important to note that no one has to go through this alone. In fact, a large portion of college students has very similar feelings.

In fact, 85% of college students reported feeling overwhelmed by everything they had to do at some point during the academic year, which means you’d be more unique if you didn’t struggle.


Getting Help

There are support systems out there to help even when you’re operating on a tight budget. Campus Counseling Centers often provide therapy free of charge to their students. And there are always people on campus who can guide students in the right direction. But sometimes these resources operate at max capacity, and it’s hard to get regular counseling sessions through the school. This is when finding a therapist outside of campus might be more beneficial.

Family Tree Counseling, one of our practices in the Apple Counseling & Consulting Network, offers therapy to college students for just $25 a session. Our goal is to make therapy as accessible as we can to as many people as possible. Email us at to book an appointment, or call our number at 281-993-3733.